Shri Kedarnath Yatra

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Important Guidelines

  1. Once a user logs in, the session stays alive for 15 MINUTES ONLY. You must finish the booking in this period only.
  2. Do not use the forward or back button on the browser while booking the tickets.
  3. The credit / debit card used at the time of booking will have to be produced at the time of check in at Phata. Without this boarding shall be denied and cancellation charges shall apply.
  4. Tickets can only be cancelled after 24 hrs have elapsed since the time of booking.

Important Instructions

  1. The time given to the passengers in the ticket is the reporting time only and it should not be considered as the flight timing.
  2. Expected flight time will be minimum 1 hour after reporting at Phata office. This time is required to carry out check-in formalities.
  3. The minimum waiting period of passengers would be 1- 2 hrs but it may exceed as per the ground situation such as weather condition, time of refueling the helicopter or non-availability of passengers at either side.
  4. Handicapped and old (above 80 years) would be given preference.
  5. For same day return you will be given 1hour 30 mins at Kedarnath Ji.
  6. As per Mandir samiti instructions, devotees are required to purchase Priority Darshan slip @ 1100/- per person.
  7. Passenger Over-weight charges will be levied beyond 90 Kgs of weight subject to company not losing a seat in the trip. This will be decided at Phata Check In Office.